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(Partially) Reformed Perfectionist

Have you ever put off something important to you and you are completely stumped as to why? I get it. I'm guilty as well. I can't tell you how excited I have been to both expand my yogic reach and to begin my journey into chronic illness management. Both of these activities fulfill me. And yet I can't tell you how long I have put it off.

One of the reasons humans procrastinate is because we do not feel we have the skills necessary to complete the task. Rather than face our short-comings, we avoid it all together. Part of the narrative around why we do this is likely because of the pedestal upon which we place "Success". Regardless of whether we have a clear idea of what success would look like, failure is not an option.

I refer to myself as a reformed perfectionist because I have recently given myself permission to fail. To make mistakes. To live in that wholesome edge of growth. The majority of my life, much like the life of many of my peers, has been consumed by an internal drive for success and perfection. From childhood, the limiting belief for many has been "if I could only do really well at school, then maybe [insert name] will notice me". Consider this my revolution!

Failure is and MUST BE part of the process of success. If we have never failed, it is likely because we have rarely tried. When we fail, we learn what doesn't work, which brings us one step closer to what does. So let's get messy. Let's try and try and try again. Getting closer and closer to that which puts wind in our sails.

I can't wait to meet you.

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