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A sincere second wave check-in

Here we are.

It’s darker, cooler, and, if you are anything like me, life is moving slower than just a few months ago.

On top of this, we are being asked to keep our contact to others minimal. This is hard. Humans evolved to rely and need contact with others. And that’s ok. We therefore being given the opportunity to reflect upon the practices that truly nourish us.

So, honestly, I want to know. How is this impacting you? Your loved one’s? When was the last time you checked in? Is there more that you could be doing to take care of yourself socially while also respecting the needs of the times?

There is no right or wrong answer. I write simply to remind you that I am here for you. I’m an email away. I've also included a small gift below. The image below can help clarify where you sit on the continuum from thriving to crisis. Where do the people in your bubble sit? And how can you support each other to move forward?

I love you.

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